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For me wine is much more than just work in the vineyard, cellar and sales.

Signatur Janine Brüssel
Winemaker with grape

Going about it with ease

Nature does not always play its cards on us and follows its own rules. What do we have left?

Keep a cool head and make the best of it. That is my motto in the often turbulent everyday life of a winemaker.

And already we have the recipe for the precious commodity - my wines. Every year is fascinating and different. This makes living and working with wine exciting and versatile. And that brings fun and enjoyment.

Delicate climate, powerful soil, elegant wines

Delicate climate, powerful soil, elegant wines

Delicate climate, powerful soil, elegant wines


In Bechtheim, Rheinhessen, we are dealing with a calcareous loess-loam soil that is so old that it is almost beyond our imagination. We are talking about two million year old deposits that make our current soil extremely rich in nutrients and offer a very good water storage capacity. This is optimal for the rooting of our vines, which can thus reach soil layers of up to 20 metres.

Two million years to gather a lot of strength that the soil transfers to our precious vines, thus producing wines that have fine fruit, impressive structure, complexity and delicate elegance.

Just like the vines, I too am rooted in my homeland. I love this region, the climate, the people, the family and the rural community.

Estate Stuff

Our estate wines are harvested in different locations and vineyards. They are fine, fruity elegant menu wines.

Local Harvest

The dry local wines are powerful wine types that reflect the region in which they grow. Wines with finesse that bring fun in the glass.

Vineyards Greatest

The site wines grow in the best plots of our vineyards, the Bechtheimer Geyersberg and Bechtheimer Stein. They are dry top wines with high fruit maturity. Their character is dense and mineral and reflects the terroir of Bechtheim, our estate and our sites.

Bright Times

It stands for memories that we like to think back on and that nobody can take away from us.

For me, these are our family holidays in France - big family tables, delicious food, great wine and long stories told to each other. This time enriched our lives so much that it inspired my father Dieter very early on to cultivate the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, which are popular in the Bordeaux region, in our home - before many others. This was a courageous step at the time, which is extremely valuable for me, as I am now allowed to create special wines with these wonderful grapes, such as our Bright Times.

Wines that bring pleasures and people together

Wines that bring pleasures and people together

Wines that bring pleasures and people together


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